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Where can you see or buy my work


/// My Studio


By appointment only or at the studio's open doors.


A few pieces of all my collections are presented at my studio in Brussels (Belgium, Europe). If you want to know more about one of my pieces you can also ask for an order or any information.


Bespoke jewelry is also possible. We can discuss about it after a personal message by email or by phone: see my contact page.

/// Resurrection

/// My Etsy Shop / online /


You can order worlwide on my online shop on Etsy.

You can also offer and pay with Etsy Gift Cards.


All my collections are not presented on my shop but if you want to know more about one of my pieces you can also leave me a message for an order or any information.


The collections you will find on my Etsy shop are mostly 'Resurrection' and 'ArchiWood'.

/// Squamate - textile

/// Betty Moerenhoudt / ceramist/


You will find a display cabinet with multiples of my very first collections:


'Squamate' knit tube with resin or glass in shapes of pebble or tube

'ArchiWood - organic' sculpted pebble made of upcycled tropical wood

' Pebble' ceramic pebble & silver jewelry with closed settings


Rue Henri Werrie 41

1090 Jette



Opening hours:

Thursday 2 pm - 6.30 pm
Friday 4 pm - 6.30 pm
Saturday 10 am - 1 pm


/// ArchiWood - organic

/// Pebble - ceramic & silver

/// Contemporary Jewelry
 /// Bijou Contemporain

 JAD /// Jewel + Art + Design

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