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"What is your meaning?" asks the art to design.
"What is your function?" asks the design to art.

(Yoann Van Parys)




The work of Frédérique Coomans is developed around those two simple questions: the attempt to combine art and design, the meaning and the function. An almost intuitive way, tapping into spirit of the times and expressing emotion through an object, the jewelry, which can be worn as a body sculpture and assert your personality through it.



Frederique Coomans likes to create astonishment by combining materials, colors, techniques that do not even suppose of getting married. She wants to bring the "spectator" to discover another dimension in the world of jewelry.



To successfully achieve to create these body adornments, she examines the elements that accompany her in everyday life. She constantly seeks, tests, manipulates with the help of all the techniques that will enable her to bring the jewel to its term as innocuous and remote of the jewelry they are.



She tries not to exclude any area of research. That's for Frédérique Coomans an essential ingredient of the birth of a jewel.

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