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/// Textile jewelry

Since 2009






These collections are born from the association of specific techniques to my two training areas : fashion design and contemporary jewelery . I tried to combine them trying to find a delicate balance through textile design. I experimented with knitting and other textile techniques that became outdated to honor them.


I explore the boundaries between jewellery and textiles, fiber, clothing. While beads are strung, I dress forms and shapes with textiles. Like a second skin, I opted for a set of flexible mesh that reveals under their screens either organic or geometric shapes.

/// Animality

Since 2017

Selected for the European Triennial for Contemporary Jewelry



Where is the limit between jewelry and textile design?

Where can we place the line between fiction and reality?

How to reinvent the body and what it carries in him or on him at each transformation?


" Behind the imagination of metamorphosis," says Canguilhem, "we must see the unfulfilled desire for unlimited power to realize desire. The animal in which the man dreams to metamorphose, is the realization of an act that a natural obstacle or a social censure prevents him from performing ... In his dreams of metamorphoses, the man identifies himself with all the possibilities, to all the supposed liberties of animality.


/// Chrysalis

Since 2015


As a cocoon which is going through changes, the knowledge that I have been transmitted during the Master in knitting design and by the contemporary jewelry school Alchimia influence my work today by developping new techniques and materials, new ways of expressions.

"Chrysallis " is a jewelry collection in full mutation between the teachings that I have received in the past and

the 2-year trainee that I could follow thanks to the study grant from the Sofina-Boël plateform.


Architextile /// Silver

Since 2013




Necklace presented for ENJOIA’T 2013 - Award Winner Professionnal Category


Where is the limit between the clothing and the jewelry?
Mixing contemporary jewelry and fashion design, my topic was to try to speak specifically about architecture and textile design in this necklace and then collection called ‘ARCHITEXTILE’.

The materials used in this creation (sterling silver and web knitting) are very opposed.
One is hard, soft, cool to the touch and geometric. The other is light, soft, knitted materialeffect to the touch and stretch to the will. Laid down the knitting curls over itself. Worn, it unfolds, stretches and takes its full extent.

They need each other to exist and become the stretched canvas on a frame and body.


Architextile /// Wood





​This collection is focused on the principles of sustainable development. Concerned about sourcing original materials, I seek ways to develop transformations. Wood and thread offer multiple horizons due to their inherent ability to be renewed and adapted in different ways.

‘Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed' is the principle of Lavoisier.
Applying this principle, my jewellery is crafted from recycled high value (Upcycling) waste materials, gathered from workshops of other artists (weavers, textile designers ...) and artisans (wood waste from local carpenter), off-cuts from designs that have already had a life. Bonds are woven to give birth to this new textile jewellery developed between me and the first creators through the harvesting of raw materials and through the searching of forms and textile techniques to realize the final outcome.


/// Squamate



Very organic forms inspired by nature are the starting point . Then came the urge to dress up these forms like with a cloth(ing) that would leave barely visible live content with the image of a web. Instead of a wire strung on stones , I reverse the principle to obtain a wire ( knitting, crocheting, lace ) which includes elements to cast them in transparency. I opted for a set of flexible and live ' mesh ' .


Organic resin shapes and knitting tension mingle, stretch and relax in turn according to the movements of the body of the person wearing the jewelry . This effect adds a strong " reptilian " key to the whole. That is why this collection is called " Squamate " , scientific and strong name that identifies the family of reptiles, snakes and lizards.


/// Contemporary Jewelry
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